Washington Area Humane Society


Grossfest is only 4 months away! Can you believe it?
This year we wanted to do something special and give back to the community that opened its arms up to us and gave us crazy people a platform to host our independent horror convention. So we reached out to the Washington area humane society and we will be accepting donations as a way to give back and to help the ones who can not help themselves. Below you will find a list of items that the shelter is in need of.
Joining us on this journey we have invited the zombie response team to help and bring this to life and to also keep us protected from a zombie attack!
Along with donations, we will be holding a Chinese auction with items from our wonderful vendors that they have agreed to donate for this awesome cause. Please visit www.grossfest.com or http://www.washingtonpashelter.org/ for more information.


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