Guest Announcement


Grossfest would like to welcome Jack Shadow and his alter ego Bryan Hogue. They run a Saturday night horror show called CHILLER NIGHT THEATER!

Chiller Night Theater is a hosted show which features horror and science fiction movies from the golden age of horror and schlock films. It runs every Saturday night starting at 8pm and runs till 3am on Stream TV. It can also be viewed on

Chiller Night Theater is hosted by Jack Shadow! Jack Shadow is a mythical being who is the living embodiment of Halloween. Shadow is also known as Samhain, the “Boogeyman” and Lord of the Dark. He appears as a Victorian-era garbed entity. Shadow is an enigmatic, skeletal ghoul with white, hollow eyes. Shadow sounds like an English gentleman with a fluent tongue, but has a dark, cold heart and a soul of pure evil.

Bryan Hogue is the host of Chiller Chat and Chiller Night Theater Pre Show. It features interviews with various guests and covers a lot of topics! Helping Bryan is Ava Hogue which you can catch her as Aura the witch and Samantha Dehner or better known as Elle Von Nacht!


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