GrossFest Movie Times

Grossfest Movie Schedule

August 5th, 2023

(Understand some movie times may be off a minute or two because of changing movies, people getting settled, pause for an award, or a filmmaker who may want to say a few words. It will be tight and most likely run over 7pm a few minutes at the end but it will be good. Besides we are a small show with a small crew trying to do everything we can to put this on so as always things are subject to change…)

Because it is Grossfest tradition we always start the show with this:

Hexercise 11:05am – 11:25am

Doomsday Stories 11:25am -1:27pm

Night of the Axe 1:27pm – 2:30pm

Bathtub Shark Attack 2:30pm – 4:05pm

(Quick pause for anyone that wants to run to the main room and see the Grossfest Lifetime Achievement Award presented)

Then My Mind Walked Away 4:05pm – 5:10pm

Shingles the Movie 5:10pm – 7:10pm

Another GrossFest guest announcement!

So Grossfest is always on the lookout for a different guest or two to have at our event. So this announcement should be no surprise but something different and interesting for the folks who may have heard of them but not had the pleasure of ever meeting them or seeing their work? They are a couple of wonderful friendly people who have worked hard at their craft of being horror hosts and entertaining the low budget world on their YouTube channel and social media pages! With great pleasure I would like to introduce yinz all to a couple of lovable characters that get it and enjoy movies just like us… The Mummy and the Monkey! See yinz August 5th.

You can find more out about them here:


Just an update so far: Vendor spaces are selling nicely, waiting on one or maybe two more guests to get back to us, and we have an early movie list for the event that will be playing (no order yet, except we always open with Matt Cannon Hexercise) and thank yinz again!


Then My Mind Walked Away

Shingles The Movie

Bathtub Shark Attack

Doomsday Stories

GrossFest is Back!!

Grossfest returns in a big way Saturday, August 5, 2023!!! We are going to party like Grossfest 2018 because unlike other conventions we are sticking with “PRE-COVID” PRICES!

$10 ticket to get in/$50 for a vendors table

Comfort Inn Conference Center Pittsburgh East

699 Rodi Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235

412-244-1600 or

Need reservations? Use this link for special GrossFest rate.

One day event with guests, movies, filmmakers, vendors from 11am to 7pm. (Guests will be announced soon and as always subject to change)

All we ask of yinz, is for your support! You want this to keep happening you have to get your asses there and plus to answer any questions of it: Yes, a two-day event is already in the plans for August 2024! (We need to take the first big step back) So let’s keep it simple and enjoy that Grossfest is back! With your support this is a new beginning for our Independent Horror Convention.

Vendors please contact for a vendors application and we are working on having several different ways of taking payment.

Click on the Guests tab above to see our guests so far.

See yinz there!

Vendor and Guest Info

First Vendor info:

Vendors: Same rules… Bring your own canopy tent, chairs, and table for your space. (We are not supplying them) Spaces are only $25 again! Please contact for a vendor application and you can make payment through PayPal, cash, or send us a check. If needed contact Tom Gross through Facebook or find the link through The signed contract will be needed before the show. Set up will be from 9 to 11 for vendors!

Now for the guest announcement:

This guest has been nothing but busy the past couple years since she has busted on the independent movie scene with the critically acclaimed “Spirit Animal”! Since then she has done a short that is about to be released on an anthology called, “Trash Removal”, help host a funny and smart podcast called, “The Shitty Shark Show”, worked on another critically acclaimed Indy project “Beyond Dark Dreams” and now has set her sights even higher with her latest project “Bathtub Shark Attack”, please welcome Maddie Deering as a guest for Grossfest-o-ween.

This multi-talented person literally needs no introduction but gonna give one anyway because he has been nothing but brilliant in front and behind the camera. Actor, director, writer, content creator for and, has made one of the most unusual but one of the best independent films ever in “CarousHell”, but lastly and most importantly is a Grossfest award winner we like to welcome once again Steve Rudzinski. (If we are lucky his super talented wife Tracy will be there also to attend?)

See yinz there:

October 29th, 2022, Saturday, 11-4pm

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave.

Castle Shannon, PA 15234

Back Parking lot

Grossfest-o-ween is coming!

Yes Grossfest fans, we are doing one more outdoor event. The last had a tornado warning and downpours of rain, but that didn’t stop all of us (guests, vendors, and attendees) from having fun at Willow Station Restaurant and Bar in Castle Shannon, Pa. Hell Grossfest fans, let’s see if it snows this time? On Saturday, October 29th, 2002, from 11 to 4, we will be celebrating Halloween with Willow Station. We also have two guests lined up for our free show which will be announced in the next week. Look, we know Grossfest is something yinz all want to happen and so do we. Pandemic, government blows ass, people with no jobs, gas prices, everyone has lost their mind, take your pick of the many things that is killing off conventions right now? In this area it takes $10,000 to put on a one day show and none of us have that right now. We live in reality and knowing what we did before the pandemic and what we have tried since, people still want Grossfest to exist and to keep supporting all the independent filmmakers, authors, and artists! Grossfest is not part of the cool kids’ community, Grossfest is a show for the independent filmmakers, authors, and artists trying to survive in a crowd of autograph shows that may have forgot what made those shows once fun. The goals of Grossfest will always be to support the independent community and have fun for all doing it because remember it started off as a joke. Again folks the show is free to attend! But like before we just ask for all yinz to go inside and visit the nice folks (Sean, Kim, and Dom) of Willow Station Restaurant and Bar and show your support by buying a pop, a beer, lunch, etc. This helps show these nice folks that you are happy they allowed us to use their parking lot for Grossfest!

Vendor info and the two guests we are having will be announced next week!

Event is free to attend!

October 29th, 2022, Saturday, 11-4pm

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave.

Castle Shannon, PA 15234

Back Parking lot

Mini GrossFest

Mini-Grossfest Update and our list of vendors…

First, I wanna thank the Willow Station Restaurant and Bar in Castle Shannon, Pa. for helping to have our first outdoor event and we have sold out. Second, wanna thank all the vendors that are going to be a part of the event. (There will be a list of vendors posted soon.) Sorry we had to turn a few away but like we said from the beginning it was limited space, first come, first served. Third and most important because I have already fielded a couple questions from a couple people concerning about this? The EVENT IS FREE to attendees, the public, whatever you wanna call the people from around the Pittsburgh area coming to check out all the great vendors that will be there. So let your mum, your dad, your lovers, your partner, your neighbors, even the people you dislike know to come visit our event. All we at Grossfest are kindly asking is for people to head into the Willow Station at some point because hell you are already there to see all of us to go have a drink or have brunch as it starts at 11am! Point is people it’s been a hard two years for all of us. This is another step in making a bigger Grossfest happen again but also we want you to have more money in your pocket to spend on the vendors… again THE EVENT IS FREE TO GET IN! Plus the whole point of Grossfest is to introduce you to independent filmmakers, authors, artists and to have fun doing it like conventions used to be!

So again May 1st, 10am-3pm in the back parking lot of Willow Station Bar/Restaurant. There will be parking out in front along the street (most of the public parking side lot will be taken up by vendors)

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Willow Station will be open for that day 11am – 4pm. or

Any questions email Tom or Tim Gross or email about the event.


Maddie Deering – NekroShark Films (rumors that Spirit Animal star Tom Gross will be there to sign autographs with the talented filmmaker Maddie)

Melanie Stone – Dark White Arts

Lunija Gjoni – Plastinated Heart Art

Jess Weary – Celebrations of Spirits

David Milchick – Shoggoth Suds

Kayleigh Crawford and Dan Komarek – Video Nasty Productions

House of Horror

Scott Baucan

Christian Bareford – local film festival (filmmakers you may want to talk to these people?)

Minerva’s Trinkets

Angel O’Connor and Steve McBride – artist, tattoo artist, make-up effects expert, and all around cool persons

Brillobox – Luther Ickes – filmmaker (made a Pittsburgh Bigfoot movie), bar owner of a cool hot spot that just reopened

Darcy and Keith Munden – Legacy Verse Productions

David Fairhead – Fairly Dark Productions

Daniel Boyd and Tim Gross – Drunken Yinzers Productions

And of course the guests: the people, the myth, the legends, the Grossfest lifetime achievement award winners, the most talented Pittsburgh independent film duo you can meet David and Diana Silvio of Kiss of Death Productions!

So hope to see yinz n’at on Sunday May 1st, so come on dahn to visit!

Mini GrossFest

Hey Grossfest fans it has been a long time but mark your calendars for May 1st, 2022 as we have an event for you! It is our “Halfway to Grossfest-o-ween” event sponsored by Willow Station Restaurant/Bar. In attempt to make all people in the independent horror community happy: vendors, filmmakers, authors, attendees, artists, etc. We are having an outdoor event in the back parking lot of Willow Station Restaurant and Bar in Castle Shannon, Pa. The back parking lot of the building and patio will be the place to be from 10am to 3pm. Vendor spaces will be 10 x 10 (you supply table, chairs, tent if wanted) as this will be a rain or shine event. The limited spaces are $25 and (just one space to a vendor and of course first to pay, first to get them). If you are just attending the event to see what horror related stuff people will have at the Grossfest event the admission is free for all but we encourage for you to go inside this wonderful bar/restaurant Willow Station, as they have delicious food and great drinks. Menus will be inside as you must order and pay inside. This will hopefully be the beginning of many upcoming Grossfest events we are planning.

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Their hours for that day will be 11am – 4pm.

As always if there are any questions or you want a vendor application, please email us at grossfest@gmail.comor find us Tom or Tim Gross on Facebook.