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Hello kiddos, independent filmmakers, horror fans, VHS collectors, t-shirt people, and anybody else out there reading this we have answered the biggest question! Grossfest is for real! It is a reality as we have nailed down a hotel and date.

Saturday, July 28,2018


The George Washington Hotel
60 S. Main St.
Washington, Pa. 15301


Let me introduce you to another cool vendor we are having at Grossfest:

This young man is not only hilarious but talented, like many of us loves bad movies, independent horror movies, etc. and he will be a great vendor you will wanna check out while you are at Grossfest! His name is Addison Binek and sure to be one of the many highlights of the event!


We would like to introduce you to someone special!

Let me introduce yinz to one of our vendors…

She is one of the most talented and unique writers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting during my travels. She is one of the coolest and friendliest people you can ever meet. I have turned many people to her books and they were simply excited that I did. She has a passion for aliens, traveling, and strange things which is awesome! Her books are addictive. I introduce you to one of the most talented authors you will ever meet: Christine M. Soltis! And as a Grossfest exclusive you get to see Christine’s latest project.
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Solsticenightsky Productions & Radio


Hello people, independent horror movie fans, vendors, authors, fellow geeks. Quite a few people have recently ask, “What is the goal of Grossfest?”

The goal of Grossfest isn’t just to have fun but to do a film festival, convention, whatever you wanna call it a little bit different. Grossfest is not here to compete with the local Steel City Con, Living Dead Festival, or even Horror Realm at The Hollywood Theater. Grossfest is an idea that yes, started off as a joke but was always an idea of something that I have always wanted to do. It’s an idea that has been rolling around in my head for many years. Hell, some of the people who got to see the Bastards of Horror film festival years ago at Horror Realm knew I always would like to do something like this. The point of this idea is to have an event once a year with help that will cater to independent filmmakers, independent actors, their films, independent authors, and celebrate them. Give them another platform to show off their work! Instead of the Indy people being only a small part of the event how about make them the biggest and best part of the event?

I want this event to not only be something I have always enjoyed for so many years about low budget and independent movies. But how about have an event where not only focuses on these cool talented people but introduce them to a crowd of film lovers and geeks that may not know them or only heard of them. Plus, have the filmmakers and so on meet each other filmmakers, gain new fans, etc. Also we all know conventions can be expensive believe me I have been there done that for years. The other part of the goal of Grossfest for me and the others behind it is we are not in it for the money, but to celebrate the independent genre. So that means keeping costs of tickets and vendor spaces low so we can do this every year at the same location! As I always said, “you never know when meeting these talented people and seeing their films when you might be introduced to the next Tom Savini or George Romero or KNB FX group?”

By some chance the event isn’t successful a really cool person, Tim Wilder (R.I.P.) said to me, “Order pizza and turn it into a party. All of our friends will be there anyway and there will be awesome movies!” And that I can never argue.

So if you are interested in being a vendor, contact us (grossfest@gmail.com) tables are only $50. Just a fan or wanna see what all the fuss is about tickets will be $10 at the door. You are a filmmaker or producer that has a feature or a short film? We are taking those. Of course we already have our main lineup of films but we do have a segment where the best feature and short film sent to us will have a spot in the movie lineup but also win a “Grossfest” award! And again if successful my hope is to have another movie room to show off even more independent movies…

Guest list:
Todd Sheets
Brian Paulin
Thomas Berdinski
Jim Roberts
Eliza Jayne
Steve Rudzinski
Justin M. Seaman
Zane Hershberger
Nick Charles
Terrence Main

All are welcome to the Grossfest event and if you have questions or want more details about the hotel go to www.grossfest.com or the Grossfest Facebook group page. Otherwise I will see yinz all in less than six months on July 28th, 2018 at The George Washington Hotel in Washington, Pa.

P.S. Thank you to the people who are taking a chance and standing behind this event and putting their time and money into it.

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Thank yinz,
Tim Gross

Guest Announcement

For tonight’s announcement, we are pleased to have the beautiful Elizabeth Jayne joining us at Grossfest!
Eliza Jayne is a model, actress and Ghost Huntress from Pennsylvania. Eliza has done promo work for many national companies, appeared on numerous television shows, national radio programs, and international magazines. Most recently she was featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Season 8 and Jerseylicious Season 6. She is currently working on several independent films. She was a new recruit for “Paranormal Task Force” “aka” PTF and filmed several Episodes of a TV Show called “HAUNT U”, which has been Airing on Comcast’s ON DEMAND’S “Paranormal TV” station. Where she and another New Recruit, were trained on investigative techniques and equipment, and then sent out to use their training to investigate, ”Eastern State Penitentiary” in Philadelphia PA.


Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is now time to shift our attention back over to grossfest. We are still looking for vendors, so if you are interested send us an email to grossfest@gmail.com

We want to make this one day event one of the biggest of the year. We want people to leave the George Washington hotel on july 28 screaming for more! Does that sound like something you want to be apart of? If so, what are you waiting for?we-need-you