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Hello kiddos, independent filmmakers, horror fans, VHS collectors, t-shirt people, and anybody else out there reading this we have answered the biggest question! Grossfest is for real! It is a reality as we have nailed down a hotel and date.

Saturday, July 28,2018


The George Washington Hotel
60 S. Main St.
Washington, Pa. 15301


Another cool vendor/filmmaker I would like to introduce yinz too is a cool guy: filmmaker, writer, and producer. I remember traveling to Fairmont, West Virginia to be on set of his film “Die and Let Live” and getting lost. Then finding the real life Leatherface house, it is West Virginia people. He also made one of the best independent films in the past several years that I you to buy lots of copies of “Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story” for friends and family. His talent and films are something I do not joke around about as I find him to be one of the best independent people out there. I introduce you to Justin Channell. Plus I believe Zane Crosby will be also hanging with him for the show. Lots of stories of do’s and don’ts of independent filmmaking will be had.


Okay folks if you are ready for something completely different from me this is the project you have been waiting for? The book (Tales from the Gross Side) is a collection of short horror stories that have been rolling around in my head, unfinished movie scripts, or story ideas. These stories have been something I have wanted to write for quite a while. And now I thought it was the right time for people to get a look inside my mind. This book is something I use to do in my high school days on a regular basis writing story after story. This perhaps helps give you the idea of you should always feel young and enjoy the scary things of life? Yeah I am not the next Stephen King, Mike Watt, or Dean Koontz just an ordinary dude who believes beer and horror movies are a religion. As long as I am on this earth I will enjoy doing what I do!
Old you would go buy it now!
Tales from the Gross Side ($7 plus shipping)
First appearance will be Cinema Wasteland, April 6-8, 2018. www.cinemawasteland.com
Second appearance will be Grossfest, July 28, 2018. www.grossfest.com


John Shatzer is another cool vendor who will be at Grossfest! He is a person who I absolutely respect when it comes to horror movie reviews and insights. He does some great writing and does pick some gems to write about. John has a busy year coming as he is getting his website back up and running. Writing for a couple cool magazines which he will have for sale at Grossfest along with a book in the works. You will wanna make sure to stop by his table at Grossfest to chat it up!



For our next Grossfest announcement of vendor/guests is someone who is trying and succeeding to keep the B-movie spirit alive and well Ohio independent movie scene. He is a man of many trades and a self-taught filmmaker. His first film was a 8mm spoof of ‘The Last Detail’. All of their films try to add that Russ Meyer and Mickey Spillane influence and give the audience a film they can just sit back and enjoy.
Let me introduce you to Robert and the RAK Films crew!

Robert Kotabish: www.imdb.com/name/nm4174005

R.A.K. Films was founded in 2004 by Robert Kotabish in Cleveland, OH. Specializing in the niche film market of sexy comedies. An all in one company, Bob does it all himself. Robert is a busy filmmaker as he has over 60 director and producer credits so far…

Dakota Skye: www.imdb.com/name/nm7118155/?ref_=tt_cl_t9

Dakota started in the business about 8 years ago as a Storyboard artist. However, she soon moved to in front of the camera and has been involved in several Independent productions. Not only one of the best actresses, models and web hostesses in the area but also a creative artist and accomplished musician.

Laurie Neely: www.imdb.com/name/nm6372505/?ref_=tt_cl_t7
Laurie is a Chicago native transplanted to the Cleveland\Akron area a few years back. She has made a major splash in the area with her acting ability. Laurie has experienced working for several Indie Production companies and that experience has allowed her to stretch her acting ability to any character she needs to be. Comedy, Drama, Horror, Commercials, Television, she can do it all.


For our next Grossfest vendor announcement I would like to introduce you to a cool filmmaker. He is a writer, producer, director, and actor of several projects. One of them includes a cool holiday horror film “Groundhog” that I really enjoyed! He is from Massachusetts and is a part of a group called “BoomBastic Films” an independent production company from Massachusetts. He will most likely be seated next to the sexy Nic Charles? His name is Mathew Fisher.