Grossfest Movie Schedule

11:05am to 12:15pm

Cannibal Tick by William Long

12:15pm to 12:25pm
Closure (short film) by Alex Cassun
12:25pm to 12:55pm
BPO Films Halloween Special by BPO films
1:00 – 1:55 pm
Meowy Halloween by Steve Rudzinski
2 – 3:15pm
Fetus by Brian Paulin
3:15 – 4:45pm
Mystery movie (premiere)????
4:45 – 7:00pm
Hexercise by Matt Cannon (Grossfest short film winner)
Blood of the Mummy by Christine Parker (Grossfest feature film winner)
Grossfest Lifetime Achievement Award (you won’t know until day of the show)
7:15pm – 8:50pm
Paralyzed with Fear (premiere) by Glenn Berggoetz
8:55pm – 9:55pm
Leaf Blower Massacre 2 by Anthony Cooney
Thank yinz for coming to Grossfest and supporting the event. And thank you to all who submitted your films for review and a chance to be a part of the event. With limited time we can cram so much in. Again thank yinz!


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