Guest Announcement

It is hard to believe I have known these two people as long as I have. We met in passing at an awesome local video store but a short time after we officially met on the set of their project “The Resurrection Game”. A one take stunt in their film cemented a friendship with these very talented Indy folk. One has directed such independent features ‘The Resurrection Game’ and ‘Razor Days’ but also has written several scripts for ‘Dead Men Walking’, ‘The Screening’, plus has written recently very knowledgeable reads called ‘The Movie Outlaw’ book series. The other half of this excellent independent duo has directed ‘Severe Injuries’ and ‘Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut’, acted in such projects ‘Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation’ and ‘Tales of Poe’, and a producer. This couple makes up the company as we all know it ‘Happy Cloud Productions’. It is an absolute pleasure and I am proud to introduce two great friends that their careers have now spawned two plus decades in independent film… the next guests of Grossfest 2020: Amy Lynn Best-Watt and Mike Watt!69479663_2491094940912979_126470831063695360_n

Second Announcement

For our second Guest Announcement, we searched the deepest and darkest parts of the independent film community and wound up at a Circus?!?!?
With such hits as “Dollboy” and “Circus of the Dead” and with his latest film “Cowboys from Hell” shaping up to be all sorts of amazing! From the heart of Texas, we proudly bring you for the first time to the Washington/Pittsburgh area, the baddest man to hold a guitar since Jimi Hendrix, Mr. Billy “bloody bill” Pon!


First announcement

A guest announcement I believe all independent horror fans will be delighted to see in person… You may have seen him in recent independent films such as “It Stains the Sands Red”, “Another Wolfcop”, or “Meathook Massacre 4”? His career has recently taken off and he will be seen in several upcoming horror projects. But like me most know him as the director, writer, and actor in the recent masterpiece “Pool Party Massacre”.  I am happy to introduce you to Drew Marvick!
P.S. Vendor table info coming soon!
Grossfest 3: Season of the Gross
July 25th-26th, 2020
The George Washington Hotel
60 South Main St.
Washington, Pa. 15317



Ghosts and Ghouls invade Harrisville Borough this Halloween season! experience the horror this October in the Harrisville Community Park located at 220 Wick Avenue, Harrisville pa! See the allotted scheduyle for times and dates! There will be rides and games as well as you can meet horror Host JACK SHADOW! This is an event you don’t want to miss this season!67215459_679398919244121_5153802270906777600_n

Thank you


Everyone here would like to thank every single guest, vendor, and patron that helped us put on a great show this year! Without any of you, none of this would be possible!

With everyone’s help we raised $490 for the Washington Area Humane Society! I would like to give a special thank you to Roger Paulish Jr, from the zombie response team for his Purses for Paws table! Every purse sold really made a difference and for that we are grateful and very thankful!

So until next time, keep your eyes open for news and updates regarding GROSSFEST 3……..SEASON OF THE GROSS! STAY TUNED!