Vendor Info

Tables are $50 a piece. Each table comes with 2 passes for you and your partner for grossfest. You will get an additional pass with each table you buy!


Set up time is 8am to 10:30 am on the day of the show Saturday July 28th, 2018. You will also be given 1 hour to breakdown your area after the doors have closed which is 7pm.


Sixth Guest Announcement

For our sixth guest announcement for Grossfest 2018 and his first ever convention appearance as a guest is a filmmaker that has had me excited about his films since I met him as a teenager working on an untitled film at the time. This kid showed me photos of movie shoots he had been doing that I described as something as impressive as Peter Jackson’s early work! No bullshit I told everybody about him and his movie until I had it in my hands… The film was “Welcome to Deer Creek” which in my review I called it “Dead Alive at a corn festival!” It was an absolute beautiful gorefest. He has gone on to make other films such as “Tonight You Die” and “Happy Horror Holocaust”. This filmmaker is proof of why I will watch anything in hopes of finding that next great filmmaker horror fans will know and love. His name is Jim Roberts and this announcement is something I have always dreamed about doing for the mere reason I believe Jim has the talent and passion to give horror fans something very cool every time out.

Fifth Guest Announcement

For our fifth guest announcement for Grossfest, “Is a man usually seen as the half-human/half-sasquatch movie mascot “Sascratch”? Probably he is best known for writing/directing the bodily-fluid-humor-infused Italian horror homage “The Italian Zombie Movie” a few years back. Since then, he’s been a busy indie horror film contributor, producing, composing soundtracks, editing horror features and creating miniature effects – Next up for Sascratch is a new feature “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie 2” – homage to giant monster TV shows like “Johnny Sokko’s Flying Robot”, scheduled for a 2018 release!” You can call this person the “Swiss Army Knife” of independent filmmaking and Michigan proud. His imagination is absolutely endless and his creations are brilliant as I would like to introduce Thomas Berdinski.

Fourth Guest Announcement

For our fourth guest announcement for Grossfest, I would like to introduce a young and upcoming author who has written two books recently “Soul of Fire” and “The Hatred Within”. A huge horror movie fan and the tattoos to prove it he consumed himself with writing these first two books and creating something readers were afraid to put down without finishing it to the end. His excitement and passion for not just the horror genre but for writing is something horror fans will be drawn too when meeting him. This is why it’s my pleasure to introduce author Terrence Main and expect more to come from this young man.


22007361_1776973102330760_511164265064659061_nGood evening ladies and gentlemen. We have gotten a few emails over the past few weeks wondering on how people can get a table at GROSSFEST. Well, you are in luck as I have an answer. Email us at or go to the contact section of this website and request a vendor application. It is that easy!!! Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. The price for a table is only $50! We accept cash, checks and paypal. Included with your table are 2 vendor passes. Come out and be apart of this and make this one of the best shows in Pa! And as always THANK YOU for all the support!!


For our third guest… it’s actually a pair of people. So I guess it would be the third and fourth guest of Grossfest to be announced! With great delight and joy I like to call them by their nickname “The Barn” people but yinz may know them as Justin M. Seaman and Zane Hershberger. These guys with a great crew of people put together one of the best Halloween horror films ever made! Please debate me on it, “The Barn” is that fucking good! In the spirit of such films as “Night of the Demons”, “Killer Party”, and “Trick r Treat”. Justin the writer/director and Zane the Director of Photography/Second Unit Director hit the ground running with this unbelievable feature that also has a board game! But for these two local guys (near Washington, Pa.) “The Barn” is only the beginning… “10/31” and “Cryptids” are just a couple other projects the two have written/directed/produced on. These are two talented people that may not be local too much longer if they keep putting together such awesome horror projects!


Our second guest of Grossfest is fresh face to the independent filmmaking world. We are

proud to present Nick Charles! Nick is an interesting person who for his first big project did a documentary about independent filmmaking called “B-Documentary”. He was able to get a few iconic people into the film and its impact of a film I believe is something all new independent filmmakers should check out before venturing out in the backyard, the woods, the abandoned property, etc. to start their first film. Nick has already a sequel just about finished and a couple other projects in pre-production. Nick’s excitement, passion, and just pure happiness of independent filmmaker is contiguous and again a pleasure to have at Grossfest!