For our next guest announcement, he is a filmmaker/writer/actor from Fairmont, West Virginia but now lives in nearby Houston, Pa. You may have seen him at the last Grossfest and he is the mind behind “Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story” along with a few other independent horror features that are all must-see! With great pleasure I introduce yinz to a young and upcoming filmmaker in Justin Channell.


For our next announcement is possibly one of the most interesting independent filmmakers I have had the pleasure of meeting and his work is amazing. This persondabbles in all phases of filmmaking and has directed over 25 movies so far. This filmmaker has made a holiday film “Easter Casket” to something completely unusual in “Her Name Was Torment 1 and 2” to one of my favorite independent horror films of all time in “The Puppet Monster Massacre”. He is currently working on the film “Slaughterhouse Slumber Party”. It absolutely makes me ecstatic to introduce yinz to a multi-talented filmmaker in Dustin Wayde Mills!


For our second guest announcement

This dude is a producer and writer known for such films as “Intrusion 1 & 2” and also is in the independent film documentary “Blood on the Reel”. He is a busy dude always working on something independent and was originally from the Louisville, Kentucky area. But he recently moved to Michigan to continue his work in film and writing. It is awesome to introduce yinz to Craig Everett Earl! Everett Earl



Dont let Labor Day be your last cookout.
Come join the Grossfest Crew and help support GrossFest with a cookout and a movie on September 22, 2018.
For only $10 per person(all proceeds going to GrossFest), not only do you get to hang out with us stooges but you’ll get food.

The one and only Tim Gross will be manning the grill. Cooking up hamburgers & hotdogs and we will also have a few sides and dessert. BYOB. Non alcoholic beverages will be supplied.

After it gets dark we will be showing the iconic movie Jagoff Massacre.

Space Iimited to 30 people so make your reservations now!

To reserve your spot, contact either Tim Gross, Tom Gross or Terrence Main. Please let us know by September 15th. When you contact us we will give you the address and time.

Thank you for supporting GrossFest!



Back by popular demand, they need no introduction, it is Justin M. Seaman and Zane Hershberger! These guys will hopefully have a few more projects ready for release at the next Grossfest among some other goodies that independent horror fans will enjoy! They like us and we like them so it just makes sense to bring in these very talented filmmakers again!40684400_1918531041502708_5097942463125913600_n (1)


Filmmakers we are having the Independent movie room again and Grossfest awards will be given out for ‘Best Feature’ and ‘Best Short Film’. So get your submission in. In order for your film to be even considered “WE NEED A PHYSICAL COPY”! There is no cost for the submissions just get us your DVD to be eligible! Just contact one of us (Tom, Terrence, Tammy, Jen, or me) to get details where to send your DVD!