Grossfest Movie Schedule

11:05am to 12:15pm

Cannibal Tick by William Long

12:15pm to 12:25pm
Closure (short film) by Alex Cassun
12:25pm to 12:55pm
BPO Films Halloween Special by BPO films
1:00 – 1:55 pm
Meowy Halloween by Steve Rudzinski
2 – 3:15pm
Fetus by Brian Paulin
3:15 – 4:45pm
Mystery movie (premiere)????
4:45 – 7:00pm
Hexercise by Matt Cannon (Grossfest short film winner)
Blood of the Mummy by Christine Parker (Grossfest feature film winner)
Grossfest Lifetime Achievement Award (you won’t know until day of the show)
7:15pm – 8:50pm
Paralyzed with Fear (premiere) by Glenn Berggoetz
8:55pm – 9:55pm
Leaf Blower Massacre 2 by Anthony Cooney
Thank yinz for coming to Grossfest and supporting the event. And thank you to all who submitted your films for review and a chance to be a part of the event. With limited time we can cram so much in. Again thank yinz!



We have a unique photo opportunity coming to Grossfest! With the popularity of the remake of IT and the sequel coming out soon we decided to do some digging and we are pleased to announce for the first ever you can get your picture taken with the red balloon from IT! Ole red will be there all day taken pictures for free and answering any questions you may have! So come on down and remember…….we all float over here!


Washington Area Humane Society


Grossfest is only 4 months away! Can you believe it?
This year we wanted to do something special and give back to the community that opened its arms up to us and gave us crazy people a platform to host our independent horror convention. So we reached out to the Washington area humane society and we will be accepting donations as a way to give back and to help the ones who can not help themselves. Below you will find a list of items that the shelter is in need of.
Joining us on this journey we have invited the zombie response team to help and bring this to life and to also keep us protected from a zombie attack!
Along with donations, we will be holding a Chinese auction with items from our wonderful vendors that they have agreed to donate for this awesome cause. Please visit or for more information.


Guest Announcement


Grossfest would like to welcome Jack Shadow and his alter ego Bryan Hogue. They run a Saturday night horror show called CHILLER NIGHT THEATER!

Chiller Night Theater is a hosted show which features horror and science fiction movies from the golden age of horror and schlock films. It runs every Saturday night starting at 8pm and runs till 3am on Stream TV. It can also be viewed on

Chiller Night Theater is hosted by Jack Shadow! Jack Shadow is a mythical being who is the living embodiment of Halloween. Shadow is also known as Samhain, the “Boogeyman” and Lord of the Dark. He appears as a Victorian-era garbed entity. Shadow is an enigmatic, skeletal ghoul with white, hollow eyes. Shadow sounds like an English gentleman with a fluent tongue, but has a dark, cold heart and a soul of pure evil.

Bryan Hogue is the host of Chiller Chat and Chiller Night Theater Pre Show. It features interviews with various guests and covers a lot of topics! Helping Bryan is Ava Hogue which you can catch her as Aura the witch and Samantha Dehner or better known as Elle Von Nacht!


Surprise Guest announcement


Surprise, surprise guess who is coming to Grossfest! He could not make it last year because of unforeseen circumstances. These things happen with conventions ‘subject to change’ but we had to make room for this cool independent person. He is a known figure among Indy gorehounds so let’s just get to it; I introduce you to writer/director Brian Paulin! Mr. Paulin might be best known for such independent hit films “Bone Sickness”, “Fetus”, “Mummy Raider”, and “Blood Pigs” but I remember this good man when I first seen the 2000’s “At Dawn They Sleep”. Brian’s films punch you in the face with some amazing and possibly disturbing to some folks gore effects… Brian is the founder of Morbid Vision Films and we are proud to have him at our show. For more info on Brian check out: .

Guest Announcement

He is one of the most multi-talented independent filmmakers you could ever meet. He has his own website that streams and available for purchase his films and music called, “Henflix”. He has acted in over 30 films and has directed two dozen films. You name it; he has done it in front of the camera and behind it and does not stick to one genre. Depression: The Movie, Babysitter Massacre, Calamity Jane’s Revenge are a few of his notable films. I could write pages on how cool this once a generation talent is but how about you come on down to Grossfest this July 20th and meet him yourself. I introduce you to the one and only Henrique Couto!


For our next guest announcement is a pair like no other making independent horror films. They are raw, brutally honest, and have made some films that are absolutely disgusting and beautiful at the same time. The point is their films grab you by the naughty parts and make you pay attention! They may be the most talented duo out there in filmmaking land and have a constantly growing audience. A lot of people know them as TOE TAG or as I would like to introduce them to the few that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these talented young people I give you… Fred Vogel and Shelby Lynn Vogel!44279881_1975303035825508_4005702339536093184_n