This year we have added a picture taking station to Grossfest! It will have our banner in the background and some of our guests will be there to join in on the fun! Times are as follows!
Saturday 7-25-2020
1115-1145 CRIMSON RAGE
1145- 12:15 BPO
12:25-12:55 Maddie Deering and the cast of spirit animal
1:05- 1:35 Tom Gross ($2 for shirtless pic! All proceeds go to Grossfest!)
1:45- 2:15 Steelman
225 – 255 Brooklyn Ewing and Jerry Larew (Jerry will be dressed as Alfie from their hit “She was so pretty!)
305-335 Steve Rudzinski with duke
430 – 5 Bryan Hogue, Ava Hogue and Samantha Dehner (cast of Jack shadows chiller night theater)
515- 545 the cast of BloodFreak (with the turkey head from the movie!)
6- 630 Drew Marvick
All pics are free, some may ask for a voluntary donation to help go toward an individual project!
When posting pics, please post on every social media platform with #grossfest2020

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